How to Prepare and Plan for Road Trips

Why road trip? In a single word… freedom. Things like air travel, cruises, camping and RVs are fun, but no vacation is as hassle free and worry free as a road trip.

You can make your own rules. Go at your own pace. Decide what to see. Stay where you want. And choose when to drive. That’s why a road trip is the best vacation ever!

Photo: Heading East about to enter the Canadian Rocky Mountains (Planning Road Trips)

Driving East towards Calgary over the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Just so you know, Planning Road Trips isn’t a “typical” travel guide with a list of roadside attractions, because there’s thousands of books and websites like that. This is completely different from any other road trip planner.

This site all about “how to road trip” featuring packing lists and planning checklists, so you’ll know what to pack and what to do before you go. The accompanying Planning Road Trips book – an optional purchase from – is about what to expect while on the road and staying in hotels. With it, you’ll have a safe and happy vacation, wherever you choose to go.

So you might be wondering about the other types of vacations and travel?


If you decide to go camping in the woods, you’ll need hundreds of dollars worth the stuff. You’ll need to bring food, shelter, bedding, fuel, water, stove, kitchen utensils, living room, and everything else you need to survive. It’s dirty and uncomfortable. The only upside is poking a fire with a stick.

(I used to like camping outdoors when I was a kid, but it’s not as much fun when you get older. The ground is a lot further away and colder than it used to be.) 😉


If you decide to buy a new motorhome, it’s going to cost you over $80,000 and nearly that much to rent one. OK, not really, but even an average one will cost over a $1,000 a week to rent.

Add to that the staggering cost of gas (they get 10 miles per gallon), propane for the heat and stove, electric generator for AC power, water hookup, drainage, emptying sewage tanks (yuck), and it will cost more than staying in hotels. Plus you can’t drive them, or park them just anywhere. Everything about them takes special consideration.

Air Travel

Yes, you could travel by air. Sometimes you have to. First you have to get to the airport. It’s frustrating and time consuming with the checkin process, screening and security.

Then the entire day to the destination and back are ruined. You have to get to the airport two hours early, then sit around half the day, hoping that you don’t get delayed, bumped or cancelled.

When you do get on the jet, it’s tiny and cramped. The seats are dirty. The air is stale. The food tray in front of you hasn’t been cleaned in years. (I won’t even mention the food, that goes on that tray.) LOL

Cruise Ships

Yes, you could take a cruise ship on vacation. It’s really cool for the first few hours as you sail out of harbor and explore the ship.

After a whole week at sea, on a boat that’s a city block long, with nothing to do but eat and stare at the ocean, it gets pretty boring. It’s ok if you don’t mind bringing LOTS of reading, or work along, and if you don’t get motion sickness from the endless waves. 😉

Road Trips

So that leaves road tips. You get to take your own car. Go at your own pace. Stay in nice hotels. Explore when and where you want. Making it the best vacation ever!

You get to see, hear and taste, everything along the way. There’s nothing more exciting and memorable than a road trip. It’s an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to get started? Head over to our preparation checklists and packing lists. If you’d like to know more about how to road trip, leave us a comment and we’ll be glad to help.

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